We hand dye each piece in our studio using low impact dyes and make sure all waste water does not go into our water ways. Hemp is more water absorbent, and will dye and retain its colour better than any fabric including cotton, meaning less water is used to fix the dyes. We are passionate about creating beautiful colour ways and stories without hurting the planet. We are currently working on a 100% plant based dye and fixer to create some new and chemical free colour ways.


All our fabric waste is utilised into soft fillings for cushions and pillowcases. This is done by collecting all the scraps after cutting the patterns out. At the end of the month these pieces are cut in to even smaller pieces to make soft filling bulk. We make cushion fillers out of calico fabric and fill them with the recycled filling. These fillers can be taken out of the cushion outers easily so the cover can be washed. These are utilised for our sample ranges, given out as gifts to our community and we are working towards having these for sale to purchase at upcoming events in 2019.


We believe strongly in working locally and overseeing production to the highest standard. Currently 50% of our pieces are made in house at our studio in Brunswick by the Dream States team. We also use an ECA accredited seamstress who is based locally. Being ECA accredited means they are paid a fair wage and all standards have been checked.


We are passionate about hemp here! Being one of the most sustainable fabrics, we believe it is the fabric of the future. Not only does it use 10 times less water than cotton, it has many superior properties. It’s a very strong fibre, ensuring durability and a long life, it’s breathable due to it’s porous nature so keeps you cool in summer and warmer in cooler months and it’s also naturally resistant to mould and ultraviolet light. We have sourced the softest hemp for our loungewear and soft furnishings, and are dedicated to sourcing the most sustainable fabrics.