Dream States was launched in late 2017 by Eugenie Meeker, a Melbourne local who grew up on a small farm near Geelong. Prior to launching this brand Eugenie studied Photography & Fashion Design at RMIT University which then lead to a six-month internship in LA with Jeremy Scott. . Arriving back in Melbourne positions at Lululemon Athletica and Hopeless Lingerie in both Production and Design were held for 5 years. This prepared her to find a gap in the market for sustainable, beautiful and contemporary lounge wear items.

Being inspired by nature, sustainability and colour stories the label was founded. Through a desire to bring about change to the fashion industry Dream States exists to encourage people to invest in long-lasting high quality pieces that are kind to the environment, having minimal impact and long wear. We use plant-based fabrics only, hand-dye our own fabric using low-impact methods and produce everything locally.

Dream States values systems that are honest and resourceful. We have currently utilised all our fabric scraps into soft fillings for cushions and for hair accessories which enables us to be zero waste. This is a principal we hold close to our hearts and hope to encourage intelligent conscious decision making in the fashion industry.